We present to your attention our 5th film about the work within EECA CITIes project. This time we are talking about Almaty – the largest city, the “southern capital” of Kazakhstan.
Among other things, Almaty surprised us by being the first and so far the only city in the region with such a level of state support for harm reduction services. Almaty is the first city of EECA which signed the Paris Declaration on AIDS.
In general, everything, as everywhere in our region, is not easy.
Watch the video together with colleagues, believe us, you will have something to discuss!

HIV and TB epidemics are urban ones, and the quality of organization of response programs in the cities often determines the success of epidemic response in general, in a region or country. Five cities — Almaty, Balti, Odessa, Sofia, and Tbilisi — united by the regional project of the Alliance for Public Health and its partners, supported by the Global Fund, have undertaken to stop AIDS and TB in their territories.