We are happy to present you the sixth part of our video research in the frame of a CITIes project in the cities of the EECA region. This time we will talk about Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
As in the previous cities of the project, the Tbilisi quest also included several stages: getting HIV treatment, becoming a client of a local substitution treatment program, testing for the maximum number of infections and, of course, becoming a client of a local harm reduction program. And how successful was our Tbilisi quest, you can learn by watching this video
And, you will also find out how a private substitution therapy programs work in Georgia now, and how it affects the life of a community of PUD there, where you can write a prescription for ARV-therapy in Tbilisi, and how to get fibroscan, where you can get dentist service, and much more.
And, of course, let’s talk about the community of PUD of Georgia, and what successes in the reform of drug policy they managed to achieve in recent times.
Enjoy watching!