Seminar on innovative models for financing health programs conducted in Sofia

On June 6th-7th, a seminar was held in Sofia for the development of innovative models for financing of health programs at the municipal level.

This seminar brought together representatives from Sofia Municipality, the Ministry of Health and non-governmental organizations to think in terms of possible financial resources and solutions for continuing effective HIV prevention among key populations in Sofia. Their joint work took place at a time when a working group for the preparation of a municipal HIV prevention program is expected. The shaping of ideas, as well as their dressing in financial parameters from the key figures in the city, was very timely. Unlike previous similar events, when the idea of a coordinated response to HIV at the municipal level was discussed more abstractly, during this event, under the clever guidance of consultant Jacob Huber from licit, Switzerland, the participants managed to get into specific parameters and outline the future roles of funding and implementing institutions.

In addition to working on an analysis of the current city situation and planning, in another part of the two-day program the participants were acquainted with Bern’s funding and social contracting practices as well as with models of innovative sources of funding that the non-governmental sector handles.

The seminar was attended by 15 professionals from 5 NGOs, 3 directorates of the Sofia Municipal Administration, the Ministry of Health and the consultancy company “Fipra”.