Seminar on the collaboration between municipalities and civil society conducted in Tbilisi

On 28 February – 1 March 2018, AFEW conducted the city seminar on exchange and sharing of municipal partnership models in Tbilisi.

The training gathered 25 participants from Municipality, NGOs, key populations, etc. The seminar aimed at reflecting on the status quo in the selected cities, discussing gaps and challenges of this status quo and developing strategies of a well-balanced partnership through the involvement of cities’ stakeholders from the municipality, health and social sector, NGOs and key populations.

Participants analyzed collaboration process, who does what, what is already there and what is lacking. They built the “Theory of Change”. In the frame, of the “Theory of Change” participants drafted the ways of collaboration and addressing different needs of key populations.

In aim to see big picture, participants developed two drawings:

  1. What would be the ideal situation to reach, when it comes to the city of Tbilisi in response to HIV/TB for key populations and your role in this?
  2. What is still needed to reach ideal picture?

As a result, Participants elaborated concrete three issues for a future collaboration with Municipality:

  1. Inclusion of municipal targets in the national plan;
  2. Link up of existing (social and medical) HIV/TB services for KPs to increase effectiveness and efficiency with coordination from the municipality
  3. Development of a legal and rights-based framework for KPs and linked up to health interventions.