TB workshop held in Dubai

On July 15th-16th, over 90 physicians, implementers, and researchers from 22 countries gathered in Dubai, UAE to discuss implementation strategies for an integrated approach to seeing out and treating both TB disease and TB infection. Among the group were representatives from ‘Fast-Track HIV/TB responses for key populations in EECA cities’ project and Alliance for Public Health. The group first reviewed the scientific evidence showing that actively searching for and treating both TB disease and TB infection is necessary to eliminate TB, presenting case studies from both historical and recent examples. Representatives from several coalitions including Zero TB Karachi, Zero TB Bangladesh, and TB Free Chennai then presented the ways in which they have designed and implemented integrated programs to search for and treat both TB infection and TB disease, highlighting the practical considerations important in designing such programs.

The Heads of TB Service from Almaty, Odesa, Sofia and Tbilisi and the Head of Health from Balti shared information on TB programs in their cities among each other and identified ways to improve the situation with TB in the cities.